Grass Fed and Finished Beef Promotion

Bob & Julie Terrell
7097 Ballash Rd
Medina, Ohio 44256
Phone(s) Office 330-769-4054   Cell 330-321-2357

Grass Fed and Finished Beef
Nature Raised – Nature Grazed

Grass fed Beef from our exempted Organic Farm.

Grass fed and finished beef.

No grains or feed-lots.

Our cows are full time Pasture grazed and Pasture  raised.

They have only eaten our grass and our own Hay.
No hormones, additives, antibiotics or anything else cows shouldn’t be eating.

$3.50 retail weight for 1/4, 1/2  or whole.

No hanging weight mysteries, no live weight guesses, you pay for what you get.

Delivery available in Medina area, small fee if farther away.

Visit us on the WWW:

6/1/12 Comments on pricing: Our customers and prospects always tell us that are prices are low. We have maintained this pricing for years because our cost, even though they are increasing have not impacted us until this year. We do not have a cow/calf operation but by our feeders. This year we have seen record increases in feeder prices. And we are looking at how these increases are effecting us.

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